After 53 Years, Has The Zodiac Killer Finally Been Identified?


Breaking News: TMZ, FOX Report That The Zodiac Killer Case Has Now Been Solved By The 'Case Breakers'...At long last the Zodiac Killer--perhaps Northern California's most infamous serial killer-- has been identified, but he's already dead...according to an independent team of investigators...The investigators say the man who terrorized the San Francisco area in the late 1960s was Gary Francis Poste...However, police never caught him, and turns out he died in 2018...Poste successfully eluded authorities not just in the Bay Area, but also committed murder hundreds of miles away -- a killing that was not previously linked to him-Here In Riverside, CA...According to Fox News ... a team of more than 40 detectives, journalists and military intelligence officers made up the so-called Case Breakers, who believe Poste is the one responsible for a 1966 murder in here in the SoCal city of Riverside...The Riverside City College Student was found dead here in 1966 in the parking lot of the college next to her VW Bug...However, at least one So Cal Cop - And one Nor Cal Cop - Are claiming this is the wrong guy...The 'Case Breakers' claim they deciphered all of the Zodiac's letters, and the results are that Poste is indeed the killer, and The FBI feels this may indeed be the man...Developing Story...

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