Television Review: Netflix Rocks America With 'Squid Game'


In “Squid Game,” 456 cash-strapped contestants, who are deep in debt, are invited to compete in a series of children’s games — with deadly consequences — to win a piece of the ₩45.6 billion prize pool (about $38.5 million)....The 'problem' is that the 'losers' of each round are shot dead, as a software robot announces, 'Player 126 has been eliminated'...Set in Korea and originally built for Korean Audiences,  it was released to the US, dubbed in English, in September...Since then, it has became the biggest debut Netflix Show in history, with over 111 million viewers worldwide in less than a month...Now this is a very violent survival show, R rated, not for the kids...After the contestants are signed up on the streets, they are sent to a private island, where the games are held...Living in prison type conditions, they are assigned green, numbered track suits, and the armed guards are wearing pink suits with face masks, that have a triangle, square or circle, depending on their rank...The games start with the child's game 'Red Light-Green Light', and when you lose, you are shot dead...The survivors then move on to the next level, with each game getting tougher, and more difficult to survive...The series has 9 episodes, and the show follows the star, Gi-Hun, who allies with other players, including his childhood friend, Cho Sang-Woo, to try and survive the physical and psychological twists of the games, that continue until the last person left is standing as the winner...In the first episodes, we are shown the backgrounds of the players, including family, friends & coworkers, and how - an why - they got so deeply in debt...And their lies the premise of the show: The Pot for the eventual winner increases as each contestant is killed: So what do we value more: Friendship? Family? Workplace? Or is it Money?-So much money that if you win, you would almost be unable to spend it all...Netflix, Rated R, Extreme & Close Up Violence & Death, Sex/Nudity, Explicit Language, Drug Use, Mature Themes...Recommended for folks 17 & over only....Show Grade: B...Not as good as 'Breaking Bad' from AMC, but it's a one of kind show that has not been made before...

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