The Gas Shock Wave Continues Here In Yucaipa 3.10.2022


The War In Ukraine, Increased Demand Post Covid, Supply Chain Shortages, and Record Breaking Inflation continued to impact gas prices here in Yucaipa this week. Prices rose a shocking .40 cents in three days, and there is still no relief expected anytime soon. Some experts are predicting $7.00 per gal here in California, and $5.00 per gal in the rest of the nation, before prices finally begin to retreat-and if Putin decides to tone down his war under severe global pressure. The Union 76/Circle K at Yucaipa Blvd/Bryant again led the pack, with regular @ $6.37 per gallon...Fast Trip, at Calimesa Blvd/County Line, was again the low price leader, with regular fuel @ $5.29 per gallon...Needless to say, Union 76 had no cars at my visit, Fast Trip was packed...

Stocks rebounded +626 points yesterday as oil futures dipped to $108 per barrel as China and OPEC are expected to increase world oil production...But, this will take weeks to reach the price at the pump...The Dow Jones Industrial Average was back down today -112.18 @ 33,174.07...

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