Gas Prices Yucaipa Update: How Low Will It Go?


It was good news for Yucaipa residents this week, As fuel prices continued a slow march downward...The low price leader, Fast Trip at County Line & Calimesa Blvd, was down to $5.05 a gallon today...This represents about a .60 cents per gallon drop since the peak of around four weeks ago...

One station group in LA reported that all of its stores will be down to $4.99 a gallon by Sunday...But how low will it Go? Some experts are thinking not by much...Why? With the war in Ukraine continuing to diminish global supplies, and a Covid-Omicron flare in China causing supply chain issues, it's doubtful that prices will fall below $4.50 per gallon...

But hey, we can still pray and hope that prices will drop further...Drive safe, and don't be Fuelish! 

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